What are we doing?

The evaluation will include qualitative and quantitative research tasks, as follows.

  • Literature review and typologies – a review and critique of previous research and evaluation reports, to consider the range and effectiveness of "whole family" approaches, and select a range of suitable outcomes measures for this programme that will be measurable, robust and comparable

  • Measuring outcomes for children and families – each project will have its own evaluation plan which monitors outcomes for children using a range of measures. Findings will reported twice a year

  • Case studies - 6 longitudinal case studies and 14 snapshot case studies will be completed, involving 200-250 in-depth qualitative interviews with children, families and project staff

  • Participatory Action Research – the evaluation will set up and run a “Family Advisory Panel” which will involve families supported by the programme and an evaluation toolkit and training for the projects will be available

  • A longitudinal quantitative survey of 650 families - tracked over time to measure outcomes and distance travelled

  • Cost-benefit analysis - of the projects and programme as a whole

  • Telephone surveys of 340 local stakeholders (c. 20 for each project) - to help measure and attribute local impacts conducted three times over the five years

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